The DAL Group are pleased to welcome Catriona Berry to our ever-growing Head Office team, bringing a wide range of knowledge in the drainage sector and in franchise management.

Cat joins the company with seven successful years in the drainage industry already on her CV. She’s also been in franchising for many years, beginning in 1994 when she worked for Wendy’s Hamburgers in America. 

Franchising is Cat’s passion, she explains: “I love the specialising in franchising because you can empower people and see them go on a journey, where they develop their company maybe into an asset to sell or to pass down to their family. It’s all about being process-driven and having tried and tested systems that ensure success.”

Prior to her arrival at DALROD, part of the DAL Group family, Cat was working with the British Franchise Association, when DALROD joined the Bfa as a member. Cat worked closely with DALROD General Manager, Jon Kynaston and one of the topics discussed was recruitment, which caught Cat’s attention. 

“When DALROD joined the Bfa, I spoke to Jon quite a lot about the company utilising the educational and advisory courses that were available, as well as recruitment. My ears pricked up when Jon mentioned that they were looking to recruit somebody to assist with the franchise model and grow the support team. Personal circumstances dictated the decision to join the DALROD team, as well as being a lot closer than traveling to my previous job.” Cat said. 

Cat is clear about her objectives at DALROD: “I’m hoping to help to enhance the structure of the franchise model. The company have been bringing in the right people to do the right jobs to support and grow the network organically and in terms of building our network to be able to service a wider network throughout the country. We’ve remapped the territories which give us a clear understanding of where we’d like to move into once we’re ready to do so. It needs to be a slow and steady process over the next few years – because that allows the new franchisees to get the support, they need in their first year. I’m looking forward to working alongside Derek Bullivant as a Franchise Manager. Derek is better with the technical side of the job, whilst I specialise more in the business side. Together we’ll be aiming to maximise business and help to show our service centres what they need to do on the ground to improve the business.” 

From everyone at The DAL Group, we’d like to welcome Cat to the company and very much look forward to working alongside her. 

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