Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Last updated: 1st February 2020


We use cookies, as many websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can. These cookies are small text files stored on your own computer. When you visit our website it reads these cookies. These cookies are anonymous and do not contain any personal identifiable information about you.

These cookies help us

  • Improve security and performance of the site
  • Remember your preferences for our website
  • Provide you with a better experience

We do not use cookies to

  • Collect any personally identifiable information
  • Collect any sensitive information

Your implied consent for us to use cookies

If the settings in your browser (the software used to view this website) are set to accept cookies and you continue to use our website, we take this as your acceptance of us using cookies.

Disabling and deleting cookies

By default, browsers are set to accept cookies and it is common for websites to use this technology.

To find out how to disable and/or delete cookies in your browser, do a quick Google search for “clear cookies [plus the name of your browser]” (eg; Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

To find out more about cookies, visit

Please note that if you choose to disable cookies parts of this website may not function correctly.

Cookies we use

WordPress CMS

Our content management system (CMS), WordPress, may set several cookies.

These cookies help us

  • Determine if you are logged in or not
  • Present you with tailored content
  • Store your preferences for our website

Google Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics to compile anonymous visitor statistics allowing us to continuously improve our website.

These statistics tell us

  • How many people have visited our website
  • What type of technology they are using (type of device and browser)
  • How long they spend on the site
  • What pages they looked at
  • How they reached our site (e.g. from a search engine)
  • Whether they have been before

These statistics are anonymous and contain no personally identifiable information.

Advertising trackers

We do not use any marketing cookies or advertising trackers on our website.

Changes to this policy

If we change the contents of this policy, those changes will become effective the moment we publish them on our website.

Last updated: 1st February 2020

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