DALROD UK took to the main stage at a regional networking event with over 50 companies present from various industries.

Group General Manager, Jon Kynaston spoke to the room full of decision-makers about DALROD’s franchise opportunities throughout the UK. Jon first started by explaining what DALROD has to offer as a Franchisor and what our business is all about. Everyone who owns a property, domestic or commercial is a potential customer of DALROD.

Depending on the sector of a business, will depend on the minimum compliances they will need to deliver to meet the standards set. For example restaurants, public areas like shops or councils/housing associations maintaining housing stock will have an extremely high compliance standard, with a long list of guidelines. But no matter whether it’s your own domestic property, building projects or commercial building, DALROD’s services would be required to ensure the property is fully functional and not a health and safety risk.

With a proven franchised business model already operating throughout many parts of the UK, its a fantastic opportunity at low investment and potentially high return.

If you are interested in finding out more information or have any questions about becoming a DALROD Franchisee in your local area, please email info@dalrod.co.uk and join out fast and expanding team of franchisees.

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